Would Your Business Benefit from an Online Personal Assistant?

The virtual assistant industry is on the rise for many reasons. The demand for remote workers may have increased because of difficult circumstances, but those circumstances have highlighted how cost-efficient and effective virtual workers can be. In fact, an online personal assistant might be one of the best assets your new or established business can have.

What is an Online Personal Assistant?

Virtual assistants work from a remote location and perform a variety of tasks. They may specialize in data management, customer service support, administrative services, industry-specific tasks, or other support services.

The education of a remote worker can vary. Many employers prefer to hire assistants with at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Whether hiring from an agency or independently, an employer may set their own standards and preferences regarding educational background and work experience.

Likewise, the scheduled work hours are also regulated by the employer. While working remotely does offer a level of flexibility, some positions require a standard 9-5, M-F work week.

The personal skills of a virtual assistant are as important as their work experience and education. Working remotely requires a different set of skills that includes:

  • Comfortable working independently
  • Able to take initiative
  • Strong computer and technology skills
  • Familiarity with standard office equipment
  • Organized multi-tasker
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • Pleasant and professional on phone or chat

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Many successful companies rely on virtual assistants to help their businesses run smoothly. From entrepreneurs and start-ups to established financial and real estate firms, virtual assistants are working full-time and part-time to complete tasks that might not get accomplished otherwise.

Signs you need a virtual assistant:

You want to reduce costs. Hiring virtual workers saves on overhead and operating costs. Employers also save on training costs. Virtual assistants are already trained in specific tasks such as customer service. After some brief initial instructions, your new assistant will be ready to get started.

Non-core tasks are piling up. Answering email and customer queries, conducting research, or completing data entry may not be the most crucial chores, but they are necessary to your success. A remote worker can manage these tasks without taking time away from in-house employees. With non-core activities handled, you have more time to focus on business strategy and long-term goals.

Your business offers 24/7 customer service. Coping with international time zones is a nightmare when all your staff is located in the same place. Hiring virtual assistants from around the globe makes it easier to provide customer service at any hour without sacrificing work-life balance.

An online personal assistant can help you streamline your workload and reduce costs. You could take your chances on hiring an assistant independently, but there is a more efficient way. At Virtual Assistant Mexico, we can help match you with the remote worker who has the skill set, availability, and pricing you need. Take advantage of our free Virtual Assistant Matchmaker Service. Learn more about how hiring remotely can improve the way your business runs.